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Feel free to download as much as you like, all our traffic is sponsored.

This site offers a wide variety of video and audio material distributed by the Chaos Computer Club provided in native formats (usually MPEG and/or Vorbis families) for online viewing. Older, archived recordings might require proprietary players. The media files on this site can also be downloaded for offline consumption.

If you are anyhow related to the Chaos Computer Club and would like us to convert and publish your video material on this website, feel free to contact us. Whilst we hope you find the provided video material interesting and informative we can give no assurances or warranty regarding its quality. The opinions expressed in the video material do not necessarily state or reflect those of the Chaos Computer Club.


Direct Download

You can download all files directly from our CDN.


The license displayed in the actual video file applies. If there is no license encoded in the video file we suggest you ask the organizers of the recordings event.

Privacy Policy

While browsing through the website normally we do not save any information wich could be used to identify a person. The log files are anonymized before they are saved and we do not have a de-anonymized version of the them. The anonymized log-files may be used to plot usage statistics.

The following data is collected and saved for an undefined duration:

  • Date and time,
  • the visited pages,
  • status codes the webserver answered with,
  • your browser and operating system,
  • and the referring URL

If a connection to port 80 fails, an error log will be created. It contains the IP address of the host causing the error and the website containing the faulty hyperlink. This error log will only be used to fix the error and will not be used in any other way.

Video and audio files are often provided by mirrors and are not covered by this policy.

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You can append ?mirrorlist or ?mirrorstats to all file URLs on our CDNlike this.



Bug reports and feature requests

Please use the issue tracker on github to let us know about errors . The latest source code version of this platform is also hosted on github and ready to expect your pull-requests

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