Emokeller (Essen)

Emokeller (Essen)
Julienstrasse 39-41
45130 Essen

Dear everyone

its been a while since we set up our last show, so we decided to show some sign of life and give you a short update on whats going on at the emokeller.

Our last show in november with symmetry lover, children of boredom and laserschelle was just amazing. Due to personal and organizational reasons we couldn‘t set up more shows in last winter of 2019/20 so we focused on setting up shows in April, May and June which had to be cancelled for obvious reasons.

Everyone who visited the emokeller once knows that its a very, very small venue which is totally fine for our small ambient, punk and doom shows but might be a huge problem in the future. We love setting up diy-shows and we love to offer you a place where everyone feels welcome and safe but we don‘t know how the situation around covid-19 will evolve which means that we cannot set up any shows in the next period of time. Even though there might be a relaxing of regulations in the near future we will defenetly think long and hard about when it is the right time to set up a punkshow again.

Furthermore, we want to say thank you to all the friends and bands who wanted to play at our small club in the past and wrote us so many heartful and friendly mails. This really means a lot to us and we are deeply sorry that we couldn‘t answer them all. We will try to change for the better on answering all your nice mails. Until then please notice that we have a new e-mail adress! We will announce our new adress when we definitively know that we can set up shows again! Our old e-mail address is not available anymore and will no longer be managed!

We are really looking forward to drink some cold hansa beers with all of you at our next show. Until then stay safe and healthy.

All the best
Your Emokeller-Crew



The EMOKELLER is a small club for live music in ESSEN (ruhr area) / Germany. WEDNESDAYS we organize shows for you in a convenient and intimate atmosphere.

EMOKELLERBOOKING is a collective of young people who love to set up underground shows since 2006.

If you want to play here, please send an e-mail:

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